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Going without hot water, even for a day, is never fun. When you need fast water heater repair services in Greensboro or Kernersville, NC, turn to Martin Bradley Plumbing, Inc. We'll take a close look at your unit to diagnose the issue and suggest the best solution.

We also handle water heater replacement. If your water heater is outdated or damaged beyond repair, trust us to replace it efficiently. Call us today to schedule water heater services.

3 common water heater problems

3 common water heater problems

You should schedule water heater repair or replacement ASAP if you're dealing with any of these common water heater problems:

  1. Sediment buildup-over time, limescale and other minerals can build up in your water heater and cause serious issues.
  2. Uneven heating-if your water heater's burner isn't heating your unit evenly, it might not work properly. This can also lead to carbon monoxide production.
  3. Leaking-leaking around your unit can cause water damage in your home and stop your heater from heating your home correctly.

Don't let a small water heater issue become a serious problem. Call Martin Bradley Plumbing, Inc to schedule water heater replacement or repair in Greensboro or Kernersville, NC.