You Can Have Access to Flowing Water

Schedule your water main replacement in Kernersville or Greensboro, NC

When your main water line is damaged beyond repair, it creates a barrier between you and access to clean water. Instead of letting the problem fester, hire Martin Bradley Plumbing, Inc for a water main replacement. We'll safely and efficiently replace your main water line, then test your fixtures to make sure they're working properly.

If you're in the Kernersville or Greensboro, NC area and need a water main replacement, call now to schedule your appointment.

4 signs that show you need a water line repair

4 signs that show you need a water line repair

Don't ignore the signs. Check out these key indicators that show you need an immediate water line repair:

  1. Your water is discolored
  2. Your lawn is soggy
  3. Your water pressure is low
  4. Your water bill is through the roof
Failure to act could lead to permanent damage or an expensive replacement.

Schedule your water line repair in Greensboro or Kernersville, NC at the first sign of damage.